EPA chief: Trump administration may intervene in next climate study

Can someone please explain how the Obama administration supposedly tilted this climate assessment…that was 100% prepared under Trump administration?
Also, if Trump’s intervention in ‘next assessment’ means the findings are going to be based on “Trump’s gut feelings”, without actual facts or science to back them up, it won’t be a scientific assessment as much as an opinion piece…An opinion piece, based on the opinion of an idiot who thinks knowledge is something you just inherently “feel”, rather than learn by experience and, more importantly, experiment. No one will give credence to such a document, based on knowledge gained by The Donald osmotically (you know…just by being around…or related to…smart people), except maybe snake oily political operators whose job it is to “spin” everything…and their victims.
Frankly, I’ll never be one of those victims, and I’m quite sick of my government trying to “spin” everything to manipulate me. Just the facts, man. Just give me the fucking facts.

The Article ‘EPA chief: Trump administration may intervene in next climate study’ originally appeared on https://www.politico.com/story/2018/11/28/epa-trump-next-climate-study-992872
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