Jamie Gray is a songwriter first.

Poetry is the essence of his original compositions, and his unique guitar style provides a delicious compliment to the crafted lyrics. His voice comes straight from the soul, and while imperfect in nearly every aspect, the rustic vocals are perfectly matched with his percussive guitar style.

Preferring live performance to studio recordings, much of Jamie’s catalog has never been recorded. In a recent interview, Jamie had the following to say in explanation:

“The studio thing is kind of a curse…Having the ability to go back and edit is like the kiss of death. For me, it probably means it will NEVER be released…or at least it has up until now.  You know…you keep listening and it seems like it it will never be good enough…just knowing that I can go back and fix it makes it harder…much harder to do my best.”

Video: On a Sunny Day, recorded ‘live’ in the studio

“Playing live, it’s all or nothing. You have to put every ounce of energy into every note, or it’s gonna suck. You can work off the crowd…you can work off the other musicians. Sure, you’re gonna fuck up…but it’s how you recover that makes it live. It’s not just Live, it’s Alive.”

Jamie told us that he learned to play guitar as a way to compose music for his lyrics, and claims that “any alleged skill at guitar playing has been purely accidental”.

As accidents go, most people who have seen Jamie’s live performances would agree it’s the good kind of accident.

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Jamie Gray’s music is the main reason for this site…and this is always where you’ll find it. The songs in the player above are from Jamie’s debut studio EP, “Anywhere”, released in early 2012.

We hope you enjoy the music, and keep checking back for more new tracks soon!!

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