The EU’s copyright plans will let anyone mass-censor the internet

#Censorship is one of the biggest issues facing mankind in the 21st century. Right after #Trumpbots destroying the world…and of course killer robots and AI Overlords.

MY Definitions of some terms for the uninitiated:

Censorship: The act of filtering and control of the news and information given to the public so as to further your agenda, political, religious or otherwise.

Trumpbot: A blind follower of Trump. A person without the mental faculties to distinguish between fact and fiction who instead has been programmed, their entire reality based upon what they see on TV, spoon-fed to them by the first RealityTV president and his fake media machine.

AI Overlords: Computers which have become self aware and now view mankind as a huge risk to the universe, a risk which must be controlled…or eliminated if necessary.

Uninitiated: You don’t really know me or grok my fucked up sense of humor.

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