15 fires burn across California

California is literally burning up. This is really scary…and could easily be one of the biggest natural disasters in history. Science says it’s cyclical…a natural part of the environmental cycle, which is fine except that we humans have interrupted that cycle. By our prevention of forest fires we’ve actually set the stage for these huge, uncontrollable fires to burn up the decades of litter that has been collecting unburned.
Of course, the extremely hot and dry weather is the real cause…the spark… and while how much we have to do with that is a matter of some debate, one thing is pretty clear: we should do everything we can to help prevent our world from burning all the human parasites from it’s fragile, life giving skin.
California often leads America toward greener, more ecologically sound solutions…prayers to all who struggle against the fires and for ecologically sound public policy in the fight to do the right thing about #ClimateChange

The Article ’15 fires burn across California’ originally appeared on http://www.latimes.com/local/california/la-me-california-fires-blog-15-fires-burn-across-california-1533925157-htmlstory.html
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