The risk of ‘contagion’ after suicides is real

Because people are basically sheep, and let’s face it: Life is no fucking bowl of cherries for MOST people in this world. It’s a struggle, and it’s hard to see daylight at the end of the tunnel vision.
Perhaps the greatest lesson I learned from my folks, and live by (to a fault, one might argue) is to avoid following the crowd. Thanks Mom & Dad. Look, any implied sarcasm aside, I will NEVER be led, nor be blind to the slaughter, and nothing you could ever say would cause me to give up trying to make the world around me better. For Everyone.
Our problems are all solvable…we just have to decide that they MUST be solved, or we will ALL fail. Humanity will lose, because a few craved power over human decency; accumulation of wealth over justice and mercy.
It’s no accident so many become confused and lost along the way, and so sadly tragic at the same time.
There IS hope. Times are dark for sure, and we all feel pretty helpless, and our leaders do nothing but make things worse. The thing is though, the true power in the World is in the people, not the leaders. The leaders can easily be forced into action by the people. The people can decide to end these dark times…and the leaders will be forced to follow.
“Every election is a peaceful act of revolution”
So, welcome to #TheRevolution. Please don’t kill yourself. Even a bad movie can have an amazing ending. Embrace change. Change will set you free.
…and vote. Vote for REAL change. Send a message this November. Vote out incumbent obstacles to change. #VoteIndependent #VoteProgressive #EndTwoPartyRule #Vote #Resist

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