90 mph blues by jamie gray

90 mph blues by jamie gray

This version of Jamie’s original song “90 mph blues” was recorded 7/19/2014 during the 6th annual Artists 4 Life Benefit to support the Children’s Cancer Association’s MusicRx broadcast. http://www.artists-4-life.com

Jamie’s set was over an hour long, and featured a 20 minute solo acoustic opening. This song came a couple songs into the electric portion of the show, featuring the 3 piece band: Jamie playing a vintage 70s Ibanez Musician electric guitar, along Chris Schmidt on Drums and Mr. Butch on bass and backing vocals.

“This was our first time really playing this song together…and you can tell. There’s some rough edges…mostly timing stuff. But there’s also a way cool bass solo that we squeezed out of Butch, and a few cool sounds flew out of the old Ibanez as well. She’s been spending way too much time in her case up to now…I think you’ll be seeing more of her soon” ~jg

jamie gray and the brew live on Artists4Life 2014

jamie gray and the brew live on Artists4Life 2014














90 mph blues – jamie gray – original song – YouTube.

Right as Rain – Original Song Lyrics

Right as Rain – Original Song Lyrics

music in my head, but i can't hear it

music in my head, but i can’t hear it

I wrote this song back in 2009 (the picture above is from 2009 too lol), and found this half-finished, draft blog post with the lyrics and some background about the song. So now, just 5 short years later (5 years? reallly?), here you go!

Right As Rain – 2009

The inspiration came from a school project my son had to do on The Water Cycle. The other day it hit me that many of the relationships that I’ve had follow the same cycles. They always start off making you feel like you can just float off into the atmosphere forever…but sooner or later you fall back to earth. You can sink deep into the roots of the earth, grow and nourish the lives around you, or go with the flow and let yourself be washed out into the sea, into the seas of humanity. Just another drop of water in the ocean of humankind.

You can download the MP3 for free from the player above or here: http://reverbnation.com/jamiegray

Lyrics, Right as Rain

Like a dew drop in the sunshine
We float into the atmosphere
Heated by the passion of the day
Drifting higher and higher
Cooling on the winds of fear
Until there’s nothing left to say
Smiles now have turned to ice
Too heavy for the air to hold
Falling we go falling thru the dark
Melting on the way back down
Splashing as we hit the ground
Thunder crashing in a lightning spark
It’s always right as rain
The circle starts again
This time you and me
Next time wait and see
Round and round we spiral thru the pain
Round and round and round and round again
Which path shook we take this time
Should we flow down to the sea or should we
Try to reach the heavens while we can
Join with mighty river currents
Or sink into the earthen roots
Try to choose, try to understand.
But like a dew drop in the sunshine
We float into the atmosphere
Here we are again now anyway
Drifting higher and higher
Flying on the winds of change
Wishing we could both just float away

©2009 – Jamie Gray Music – All Rights Reserved

Jamie Gray – Artists 4 Life Online Benefit Show – This Weekend!!

Jamie will be playing the 5th Annual Artists 4 Life Benefit Concert this weekend! The show will be streaming LIVE ONLINE and is free to watch, but donations are being accepted to support the Children’s Cancer Association and their MusicRX program. Please tune in and support this amazing cause if you can!

There will be great musicians and performers LIVE all weekend, but be sure to tune in for Jamie’s set from 10-11pm EST THIS Saturday Night 7/20. Jamie is excited to be participating again this year, for the 5th year in a row! Here’s the link for the show www.justin.tv/artists4life (hosted by Justin.TV)

Artists4Life 5th Anniversary
For more information about the charity, please check out the links below:

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