BlogTV Feature

Starting tomorrow, BlogTV will be featuring my show every Thursday! Woot! I sent them some pics and they did up an ad (below) to run on their main page…AND they even made me a new banner for my show page! How awesome is that!

Thank you Kara Hannah :)
jamie gray

I went to an open mic last night…played a few songs and met a few new friends…Andrew, Brian, Valerie good to meet you guys. I’m going to have to do that more often…maybe there’ll be a bit more of an audience next time…js.

I am working on a video for “Lost In Seattle” to get it up on YouTube for tomorrow as well. I still can’t remember all the words…lol. Don’t tell anyone you see me peeking at the lyrics on film. sshhhhh! ;)

Hope to see everybody tomorrow night on the big show…be sure to sign up and subscribe here so you can get all the announcements (no spam…promise!)

peace, jamie

jammin’ on the beach

Tonight I’m hosting an open mic session on the beach. We’re lucky to live on a small lake with it’s own private beach, and even luckier that many of the neighbors are excellent musicians. This is to be the first, (and hopefully not the last) open mic, so everybody has their fingers crossed.

I can remember when I first started playing out. I hit every open mic session I could find. There were some I could never go back to, having thoroughly embarrassed myself. But after awhile, some of those nights actually led to real gigs. Some others were introductions to other musicians. All of them were learning experiences.

These days, I see open mic as a bridge, a way to get back in the habit of playing out. I’ve been playing, and writing and occasionally sitting in here or playing at a party there. But, I haven’t played any real gigs in awhile, and the discipline of practicing everyday because you have upcoming shows…that can’t be simulated.

But also, and more importantly, it’s a chance to play with some new musicians. New faces. New sounds. New experiences. New is good. Inspiration comes from New. Motivation comes from New. All good things come from New.

With luck, New will become a regular thing and it won’t get Old. Old is when it becomes tiresome…more a chore than an adventure. Good things come from Old as well, because nothing New can exist without Old to compare it with…to build from. As long as it isn’t the Same Old.

So, here’s to Old and New. A little bit of Blues. A little bit of Folk. Country. Jazz. Rock & Roll.

It’s all good, ain’t it?