fan bonus track – FREE download!

it’s true!!! the EP is FINALLY done, and sent off to the disc cookers to bake at 420 for 5-10 days. so the hard copies won’t be available for a bit, but rumour has it that you’ll be able to pick up a copy on CDBaby THIS WEEKEND (yay!) and it should start hitting iTunes, Amazon, and all those other guys not too long after that.

i’m so excited i can hardly type…this is my first release and i’m really happy with how it came out. i know you guys are gonna love it, and i can’t wait for you to get your hands on a copy! it won’t be long now!

BUT—i’ve got an EXTRA SPECIAL SURPRISE for you guys. the EP has 4 songs ( i won’t spoil the secret on which ones for now) – but there is a secret double secret 5TH SONG that is NOT on it and…not only can you hear it, but for a limited time you can download it FOR FREE! You have to be signed up as a fan (which you most likely are if you are getting this email) but that’s it…no other catches.

Just follow this link, and as long as you have signed up as a fan, you should be able to download the MP3 file:


Anywhere EP – Available Soon Everywhere!
Anywhere EP

Right as Rain

This is a new song…I wrote the lyrics over the past few days, and the music tonight. The inspiration came from a class project my son had to do on the Water Cycle. The other day it hit me that relationships that I’ve had follow the same cycles. They always start off making you feel like you can just float off into the atmosphere forever…but sooner or later you fall back to earth. You can sink deep into the roots of the earth and nourish the lives around you or go with the flow into the seas of humanity. You can download the MP3 for free from the player here:

Right as Rain

Like a dew drop in the sunshine
We float into the atmosphere
Heated by the passion of the day
Drifting higher and higher
Cooling on the winds of fear
Until there’s nothing left to say

Smiles now have turned to ice
Too heavy for the air to hold
Falling we go falling thru the dark
Melting on the way back down
Splashing as we hit the ground
Thunder crashing in a lightning spark

It’s always right as rain
The circle starts again
This time you and me
Next time wait and see
Round and round we spiral thru the pain
Round and round and round and round again

Which path should we take this time
Should we flow down to the sea or should we
Try to reach the heavens while we can
Join with mighty river currents
Or sink into the earthen roots
Try to choose, try to understand.

But like a dew drop in the sunshine
We float into the atmosphere
Here we are again now anyway
Drifting higher and higher
Flying on the winds of change
Wishing we could both just float away

©2009 – Jamie Gray Music – All Rights Reserved

“Lost in Seattle”

Hey guys…here’s the lyrics to my latest song which I’ll be playing for the first time on tonight’s show on BlogTV. ( )

Enjoy and I hope I see y’all there!

Lost in Seattle

It could’ve been anywhere, back in 1995
Was one of the last shows when Capt. Trips was still alive
I was walking around all day down on Shakedown Street
Nothin’ but rainbows and smiles from everyone I’d meet

She was so beautiful, just like that summer day
She quenched my thirst, and gave me a hug as I walked away
‘Bout an hour or so later, I was feelin’ mighty fine
As the sun went down all the colours and rainbows started dancin’ through my mind

Later on in the evening, the drums beating ever loud
Fires burning everywhere, and I got so lost in the crowd
Lost everything and everyone that I knew that afternoon
Found myself lyin’ under a tree howlin’ up at the moon

Next thing I remember I was falling thru a hole in time
Had to get back to the way it was…I went looking for a sign
Maybe flying in a yellow taxicab the Needle dancing in the wind
With the gentle chime of a silver bell and I was back on the ground again

And in the darkness, following a broken rainbow
And in the night time I was stumbling through the streets
All the answers…so close that I can almost reach them
Lost in the Seattle night

Words and Music by Jamie Gray
©2009 – Jamie Gray Music – All Rights Reserved