Doc suggests weed made Michael Brown Crazy

Seriously?? Where the f%ck do they find these “experts” that say these ridiculous things.

Autopsy doc suggests that weed made Michael Brown act

Doc Says Weed made Michael Brown Crazy

First, this is just pure speculation. Opinion. Based on zero facts.

Second, there is no evidence to backup the assumptions that this un-armed man…let’s not forget that however he was acting, he was not armed…was acting “in a crazy way”, and in fact the majority of witness accounts say just the opposite. Only the shooter/cop seems to think the Michael Brown was a threat, and this quack is inserting his professional…but wholly scientifically inaccurate OPINION into this issue, as an obviously desperate attempted diversion to obscure the truth and blame it on marijuana. Same as they did with Trayvon. Same as they always do.

The only “crazy” or “erratic” behavior most marijuana users experience is the munchies and/or uncontrollable laughter. Without other drugs added into the mix (which the good doc here, when you listen to the garble coming out of his mouth, seems to be trying to imply were also involved, although no official evidence to supports this) the likelihood of drug-induced violence is essentially nil, since pot on it’s own has never been shown to induce violence.

By and large, this is just exactly what it seems…a big fat attempt to divert attention from the shooter/cop and place blame on the victim. I mean, he’s black so he must be a violent drug crazed criminal now, right? Shame on you for reporting this idiot’s opinion Fox News, and shame on you, “creepy Fox Newsbot Greta Van Susteren”, for being who a tool of the polarized political playground we call governance.   

Autopsy doc suggests that weed made Michael Brown act “in a crazy way” the night he was shot by police | Marijuana and Cannabis News | Toke of the Town.

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