Lost in Seattle (Original Song)

This song was inspired by personal experience. A cute hippie girl slipped me a dose on a hot summer day at a Dead show…hours later I found myself wandering aimlessly…a “Fear & Loathing in Seattle” experience, complete with the Space Needle dancing along to the drums. I recently told the story about it on a BlogTV show I was doing, and it inspired me to write about it.

I hope y’all enjoy it…

peace, jamie

ps.I posted the lyrics to this song a few days ago (look down).

“Lost in Seattle”

Hey guys…here’s the lyrics to my latest song which I’ll be playing for the first time on tonight’s show on BlogTV. ( http://blogtv.com/people/jamiegray )

Enjoy and I hope I see y’all there!

Lost in Seattle

It could’ve been anywhere, back in 1995
Was one of the last shows when Capt. Trips was still alive
I was walking around all day down on Shakedown Street
Nothin’ but rainbows and smiles from everyone I’d meet

She was so beautiful, just like that summer day
She quenched my thirst, and gave me a hug as I walked away
‘Bout an hour or so later, I was feelin’ mighty fine
As the sun went down all the colours and rainbows started dancin’ through my mind

Later on in the evening, the drums beating ever loud
Fires burning everywhere, and I got so lost in the crowd
Lost everything and everyone that I knew that afternoon
Found myself lyin’ under a tree howlin’ up at the moon

Next thing I remember I was falling thru a hole in time
Had to get back to the way it was…I went looking for a sign
Maybe flying in a yellow taxicab the Needle dancing in the wind
With the gentle chime of a silver bell and I was back on the ground again

And in the darkness, following a broken rainbow
And in the night time I was stumbling through the streets
All the answers…so close that I can almost reach them
Lost in the Seattle night

Words and Music by Jamie Gray
©2009 – Jamie Gray Music – All Rights Reserved