BlogTV Feature

Starting tomorrow, BlogTV will be featuring my show every Thursday! Woot! I sent them some pics and they did up an ad (below) to run on their main page…AND they even made me a new banner for my show page! How awesome is that!

Thank you Kara Hannah :)
jamie gray

I went to an open mic last night…played a few songs and met a few new friends…Andrew, Brian, Valerie good to meet you guys. I’m going to have to do that more often…maybe there’ll be a bit more of an audience next time…js.

I am working on a video for “Lost In Seattle” to get it up on YouTube for tomorrow as well. I still can’t remember all the words…lol. Don’t tell anyone you see me peeking at the lyrics on film. sshhhhh! ;)

Hope to see everybody tomorrow night on the big show…be sure to sign up and subscribe here so you can get all the announcements (no spam…promise!)

peace, jamie


Sometimes I can’t open my eyes, the day is not my friend
Some days it’s so much harder to try, than it is to just pretend
Everything comes around and always fades away in time
and all the secrets that you hide, haunt my broken rhyme

The path I see before my feet is twisting in my head
The sky may look serene and blue, but I can see it turning red
All around me there is nothing more than barren fallow ground
I’d break these chains of fear and run, but I know you’d track me down

Streams of consciousness, self inflicted medication
Scenes of bitterness, in empty meditation.
Only loneliness is true emancipation
Only everything, insanity…or maybe just frustration.

Set your focus on the prize you hope you’ll someday win
See the ending, from the point of no return where you begin
Only dreams will stand apart from where you once were young
All the anger that you keep inside until that day will come

They say the devil runs this place, and hell is what you make it
Blinding us with fear and bullshit, but we ain’t gonna take it
Give us back our nation, stop treating her like a whore
We’ll teach our children better ways, just like we did before.