Jamie Gray – Artists 4 Life Online Benefit Show – This Weekend!!

Jamie Gray will be playing the 5th Annual Artists 4 Life Benefit Concert from 10-11pm EST THIS Saturday Night 7/20. TUne in and support this great cause!

BlogTV Show

includes recorded clip from BlogTV show 5/12/11 “7 Years” (original song)

fan bonus track – FREE download!

it’s true!!! the EP is FINALLY done…but there’s a 5TH SONG that is NOT on it…and for a limited time you can download it FOR FREE!

Everything is Nowhere

Hey blog readers… I just wrote a new song, and guess what? It is available to stream or download right here on the music page! Feel free to download it and share it with everyone you want! I hope you enjoy! peace, jamie Oh yeah…Here’s the lyrics… Everything is Nowhere Music in my head but [...]

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Didgerod and the church of no religion…

As I’m writing this, Didgeod is finishing up his weekly show on BlogTV.com, playing some of the most beautiful music…which vibrates the very essence of my being every time I watch and listen…which is every Monday night. Watching Didgerod “Thunder Hawk” is really very much like going to church…except there are no false idols or [...]

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“Lost in Seattle”

Hey guys…here’s the lyrics to my latest song which I’ll be playing for the first time on tonight’s show on BlogTV. ( http://blogtv.com/people/jamiegray ) Enjoy and I hope I see y’all there! Lost in Seattle It could’ve been anywhere, back in 1995 Was one of the last shows when Capt. Trips was still alive I [...]

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“Anything” (Original Song)

Here’s the latest YouTube video. This was actually just a jam that turned into a new song. I had to listen to it quite a few times before deciding to release it. The words were really just an improv and I wasn’t sure I really liked it…but after a a long debate, I decided to [...]

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“Everytime You Fall”

I recorded this song during a BlogTV broadcast…and I did a good job of mangling the actual words and making up a few new ones to fit. It felt good while I was playing it though, so I decided to share it. The actual lyrics are below…enjoy! Every Time You Fall Well Ive been thinking [...]

“Slip Away”

I wrote this song quite a few years ago, about one of those relationships that come and go so quickly….before you even know you were in it. I tried to keep the footage pretty simple and raw…somehow it seemed better that way. I hope you agree.

“Like A Wheel”

This is one of my newest songs…and I only half wrote it. The words were gifted to me by one of my BlogTV viewers (Matt Chartrand, aka foApple aka DrawnDead) who emailed me the lyrics after one of my shows. Thanks man…this is now one of my favorite songs to play. Like A Wheel – [...]