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it’s true!!! the EP is FINALLY done…but there’s a 5TH SONG that is NOT on it…and for a limited time you can download it FOR FREE!

Right as Rain

This is a new song…I wrote the lyrics over the past few days, and the music tonight. The inspiration came from a class project my son had to do on the Water Cycle. The other day it hit me that relationships that I’ve had follow the same cycles. They always start off making you feel [...]

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“Lost in Seattle”

Hey guys…here’s the lyrics to my latest song which I’ll be playing for the first time on tonight’s show on BlogTV. ( ) Enjoy and I hope I see y’all there! Lost in Seattle It could’ve been anywhere, back in 1995 Was one of the last shows when Capt. Trips was still alive I [...]

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Sometimes I can’t open my eyes, the day is not my friend Some days it’s so much harder to try, than it is to just pretend Everything comes around and always fades away in time and all the secrets that you hide, haunt my broken rhyme The path I see before my feet is twisting [...]

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Flying low, into the wind Halfway through the mountains Dreams abandoned and embraced The time imagined behind. Shadows creeping among The red sun signposts A hundred and sixty horses Carry me through the fire. The cool morning breeze I stand naked on this rock Darkness behind my back The fire rises, blinding my eyes. She [...]

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