White evangelicals stand by Roy Moore: poll shows candidates neck-and-neck

You wanna know why “evangelicals” have so much political power? It’s because they are tax free. They pay ZERO taxes, while reaping HUGE profits on the backs of some of the poorest Americans. That’s right
Mom and Pop America, giving till it hurts on a fixed $1100/mo. in hopes of Eternal Salvation. Meanwhile, the scum suckers that receive those “gifts”, are basking in the high life, living in lavish homes, flying around on private jets. Poor blind sheep being led to slaughter in His Name. These Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing should be ASHAMED.
It’s certainly NOT because these “spiritual leaders” are model citizens, because ANYONE who condones this man’s behaviour, is NOT getting into anyplace CLOSE to Heaven. The GreyStone Hotel is far more fitting that the Pearly Gates for you.
Time to take the teeth out of the White Evangelicals. #Racism is NOT OK in God’s Name…it’s actually WORSE for you, who claim to be followers of# Jesus. Act like him, for Christ’s sake. He would spit on you, and ALL the #moneychangers in your Temples.


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