15,000 scientists just gave a catastrophic warning about the fate of humanity

15000 Scientists MUST be WRONG, right?
I mean, these aren’t some of the most educated people in the world or anything. They are just foolish fools who believe in this “Climate Change” fable. I mean, how is it even POSSIBLE that only 9 BILLION humans could be hurting our planet? We’re barely an infection, much less a plague.
#Yes Its ALL #Sarcasm but you can never really be sure on the Internet, can you? I mean, you KNOW there are people out there who would read this and say,
“Yup. That’s Why I Voted for Trump”

I’m not saying #WereAllDoomed or anything, but…well, maybe I AM.
#ClimateChange #GlobalWarming #Pollution #Extinction #Humanity


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